Beechwood School is a multi-cultural school set in a beautiful Victorian building with large airy rooms.

Here at Beechwood, our goal is to provide pre-school education and childcare to an extremely high standard with the emphasis on the happiness and well-being of both our children and their parents.

We understand the need for the children to grow and gain independence and we provide a warm, caring and safe environment for them to do that. Beechwood School offers a full curriculum and it is our aim to provide a solid foundation for entry into both State run and Independent Primary Schools.

We mark all major festivals and cultural days to ensure that the children learn to respect all cultures including their differences and similarities.  We plan to organise concerts and plays to allow the children to take pride in their abilities and display aspects from their cultural backgrounds.

We have found that English is not the first language of some of our children and they become frustrated when they cannot learn at the same pace as some of the other children.  We set up a temporary sensory room and noticed that those children were able to learn in a calm and undisturbed atmosphere.   We plan to set up a permanent sensory room to enable us to continue to offer this a calmer environment as needed.

Here at Beechwood, we understand the need for
on-going development and training for all members of staff and are commited to providing regular training to ensure that our staff are fully up to date on training.

Why believe in us?

We trust that as parents you want a solid educational and behavioural foundation for your children which will equip them with all the necessary skills required for primary school.  

Meet our Staff